More Resources for the Dragons

I’ve seen a lot of animal raising games, but very few that let you raise a dragon, so when the Dragon City game was released, I was ecstatic. I liked the game for the most part, but it became harder and harder to get the items I needed to raise my dragon. My game play was grinding to a halt as I would have to wait for more resources. Other people had this same experience and suggested using Dragon City cheats to get more resources. I prefer to get the resources on my own, but since the game made it so difficult, I used the cheats.

The cheats made the game much better, and in a way it felt like I unlocked a new level of fun because the grind is gone from the game. I can get as much food, gold, and gems as I need to raise dragons, and they keep getting stronger all the time. Since raising dragons is easier, I can focus more attention on breeding them. Two dragons can breed a unique dragon that can be hatched and raised just like any other. I’ve been experimenting with different combinations to see what will come out of the eggs.

Whenever I have a bit of free time, I’ll check on my dragons and eggs. When I play the game while riding the subway to work, other people stop and glance at my phone to see what I’m doing. The young people who see the game recognize it instantly and start talking about the dragons they have and how long they’ve been playing the game. The older people don’t really understand the game and think it’s a waste of time. I’m sure I’ll probably think the same thing when I become their age, but for now I’ll just enjoy the game and my youth.